Reduce Stiffness, Reduce Pain and Muscle Spasm And Dramatically Speed Up Drying Off Time.

Our Horse Solariums

Beautifully made from high quality stainless steel right here in the UK. Do not get these solariums and thermalariums confused with cheap low quality european imports.

Important Notes...

  • Not Imported Rubbish ! All Our Products are Manufactured From Premium Materials Right Here In The UK.

  • Reduce Stiffness After Your Horse Has Worked Out

  • Reduce Pain and Muscle Spasm After Injury 

  • Dramatically Speeds Up Drying Off Time After You Have Worked Out Your Horse.

  • Our Products Are Extremely Economical To Run, Costing from £0.20 Per Hour Depending on Configuration.

A Quick Message From John and Some of Our Happy Customer Testimonials...

A Message from John Steels

John Steels


If you require more detail then feel free to download the cad drawings by hitting the button below and letting us know where to send them.

These are a highly accurate set of drawings that you can use to determine exactly how they could fit into your existing structure.

We have put a lot of thought into our horse solariums and would welcome any input your may have to help us improve our product.

If you do have an idea and want to share it then download the drawings and then hit reply to our welcome messages.

We answer all replies...


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What Our Customers Are Saying...

  • Infrared Thermalariums are an invaluable piece of kit for your yard. Ours is running all day, it dries the horses quickly after exercise and is great for keeping their backs supple prior to work. Once you have had one you will wonder how you managed without!

    Rachel Burr., Cambrideshire

  • Thank you for bringing sunshine into our bleak yorkshire winter! The unit has been a godsend and has been in near constant use since it arrived. The horses love it and have come out of winter looking and feeling so much better. John Steels could not have been more helpful and I cannot rate the solarium highly enough. It has been a massive boost to the yard and I only regret not having bought one years ago.

    Sally Kingsley., Yorkshire, United Kingdom

  • The solarium is an invaluable piece of essential equipment on our competition yard. It enables the horses to be kept warm whilst being clipped, even on the coldest of days. After bathing the horses, they can then dry quickly, without having to use cooler rugs. The light it provides ensures you can see exactly what you are doing, even if its dark outside. Apart from the above, the solarium keeps the horses muscles warm before and after exercise. I couldn't imagine trying to produce my horses without the use of my wonderful solarium.

    Deboroah., United Kingdom

Todays Big Deal

  • Our 2IR1H Configuration
  • Reduces Pain and Muscle Spasm After Injury
  • Dramatically Speeds Up Drying Off Time
  • Fully Guaranteed

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About Our Company

My name is John Steels and I run Midland Equestrian along with my wife Rachel.

We are a Family run business based in Leicestershire.

Both Rachel and myself are passionate and love what we do here on our farm in the leicestershire countryside.

We use our horse solariums everyday. And I decided to design and offer a small range of them to friends and colleagues.

It's a great product and I know you will be super pleased with it should you decide to order one today.

If you have any questions at all about the product you can call me directly on my cellphone.

  • I'd love to connect with you:

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